Steps To Salvation

Accepting The Lord Jesus Christ Into Your Heart Is The Most Important Decision One Will Make In Life. Jesus Christ Bridges The Gap Between Sinful Mankind And God.

Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart is the most important decision one will make in life. Jesus Christ bridges the gap between sinful mankind and God.

Accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart today. It will free you from the bondage of sin and death and give you eternal life in Christ Jesus.  

It’s SIMPLE…. Just follow the ROMAN Road to Salvation below:

Now, Meditate On This Prayer Of Salvation

WELCOME to the Kingdom of God. We celebrate your decision to accept Jesus Christ into your heart as Lord and Savior.

As you have chosen to live a life for Christ, it is extremely important that you connect with a House of God that will continually minister the Word of FAITH to you.

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