Pastors Andre & Anitress Chambers

Pastors Andre and Anitress Chambers are true Kingdom servant leaders who love all of God’s people and are Pastors after God’s Own Heart. The Holy Spirit spoke to them about the body of Christ stating, “We must work together.” Under the Apostolic leadership and spiritual covering of Apostle Charlie and Prophet Vikki Ammons of Restoration Christian Church of Virginia, One Generation Church was birthed.
We teach our children about God, so the Generations to come might know Him and place their confidence in Him (Psalm 78:4-7). Ephesians 4: 5-6 says there is “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of all.” We believe everything we are, think and do is permeated with ONENESS in Christ Jesus.





Apostle Charlie & Prophet Vikki Ammons

Apostle Charlie & Prophet Vikki Ammons currently serve as the Founders and General Overseers of Restoration Christian Church (RCC) and Restoration Covenant Alliance International (RCAI) in Newport News, Virginia. They are the spiritual covering for One Generation Church.

In this capacity they provide the following:

  • Spiritual & Administrative Oversight
  • Birthing Sons & Daughters in the Faith
  • Responsible for Leadership, Growth,  Development and carrying out the Apostolic Mandate.
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